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Yes, Weather underground is uploads is the only thing I us from WC. Makes preference entry much easier.
Should have said jpegs for the webcam.
Haha, I'm sure I have you mixed up with another user. You are the user with WUnderground complications. So skip my comments about webcam preferences. I was off in Lala Land, where I spend most of my time these days.
I don't use WC for the webcam. The DLink has a web interface built in firmware that lets me schedule and FTP photos.

I think I will give it a try.
My suggestion is to leave the webcam out of it until you have WeatherCat running without the webcam using the new plist. If you are stable for a few days, duplicate the plist file (so you have a copy of a good clean one that works), then see what happens when you add the webcam preferences back in.

Good luck and let us know what happens. Many a weird issue has been resolved with a brand new plist so we'll hope this is the case with yours.
Make sure you have documented all of your WeatherCat preferences before doing this. Screenshots are the easiest way.

To re-create a new plist file:
  • Close WeatherCat
  • Delete user/Library/Preferences/com.trixology.weathercat.plist
  • Empty trash
  • Restart iMac
  • Open up WeatherCat
  • Re-enter all WeatherCat Preferences
Thanks no rush, it been perfect since I have the iMac restart at 1:00 am but it has only been a couple of days.
In that case, I think it's best for you to get screenshots of your preferences and delete the current one (rather than rename it). Slightly different than what X-air wrote. I'll post a new set of steps for you in a few minutes.

I have time machine but I have upgraded to version 3 when the paid release was available but I was experiencing problems long before I upgraded.

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