Author Topic: First bucket tip (Re: highlights from 2017-18 North CA rainy season)  (Read 54 times)


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Dear WeatherCat West Coast drought sufferers,

Over a space of about a week, I've had two potential rain events where a low pressure center from the north interacted with some warm southern monsoonal flow.  Monday night we had a considerable amount of lightning and a few brief showers - but none sufficient to cause the rain gauge to tip.  This morning we had one last shower event that was sufficient to "tip da' bucket."

That leaves the statistics in an interesting state according to the WeatherCat comparison with past Septembers:

It does feel hotter, calmer, and drier than in the past.  The summer appears to last longer and the storms are later in coming.  Still the Autumnal Equinox is only 9 days away.  Here is the exact day and time for your location:

With the celestial start of Autumn there is hope for a change in the weather.

Cheers, Edouard


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Re: First bucket tip (Re: highlights from 2017-18 North CA rainy season)
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Your little storm gathered up some moisture as it climbed over the Sierras and dropped .13 at my home late this afternoon. Keep 'em coming. The last two months have been unusually dry after such a wet winter.