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I will be interested to see experiences with the new file system. I have an SSD here, so if I were to upgrade there would be no choice for me.

Glad to hear a couple of positive notes so far.

I also have found that the Davis anemometer is an early failure point of the overall system. And since mine is quite a pain to get to (and naturally it only fails during bad weather), I'm going to replace it next time with an R.M. Young instrument or maybe a Darrera ultrasonic if I can get over the sticker shock.

I had to replace mine once, and the system worked for another 10 years.    I guess luck of the draw
it appears at this time, they "apple" is going for the no track  with sierra, no auto play on websites.   Mail being able to improve the message received, and photos.    I suspect more will happen down the road.  With any OS upgrade there is a certain degree of risk.  But for me,  it was flawless (of course I haven't let this simmer over night.)
Thanks, Weatheraardvark. I've been testing it on the last last public beta with no WC problems I could definitely pin on High Sierra.
I bought one of the new anemometers two years ago. Still running, but two years isn't much to go on.
Took about 35 minutes to run. Now I have a fusion drive so no new file system.  Now if some of the fancy things promised didn't load because of the drive thing, could have been.

I don't notice any problems with WC.  Loads fine.  As far as any of the apps,  yea  the photos are bit different when they are edited, something called Jabber that can be added to messages if you want.   Messages are stored up to a year or so.   You have to go through the preferences again to see anything.

i am pretty positive that this update install is a platform for other things to come down the pike.  such as the file system for the fusion drive.  the good everything works.
New Member Introductions / Re: Good Morning from Guildford UK
« Last post by Blicj11 on Today at 12:25:45 AM »
Welcome to WeatherCat Mervyn!
General Weather Discussion / Re: Welcome to Autumn 2017
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24 hours after my previous photo, it looked like this. We received 15 inches of snow over the weekend. Because the aspen trees still had all their green leaves, the wet snow broke all kinds of tree limbs and split trunks. We couldn't get back to our home after church on Sunday because I thought I had mounted our snow tires on the 4-Runner but half way up the mountain I learned better. We had to park lower down and call a neighbor who is smarter than me (not difficult to accomplish) to come bring us home.
Mark do you have any idea when Davis made the switch?  I'm curious to know if my anemometer has the Hall effect sensor or not.  I bought it in 2009.
Note sure exactly when, but the new version can be identified most easily by the brass tip on pointer of the wind vane- there are other more subtle changes as well.
Dear Mark and WeatherCat station caregivers,

Good guide, be aware that the Davis units have used a Hall effect sensor for some time in place of the reed switch. Whether this proves to be more reliable.......

Mark do you have any idea when Davis made the switch?  I'm curious to know if my anemometer has the Hall effect sensor or not.  I bought it in 2009.

I had to replace the reed switch in the rain tipper, it was the weekend and I wanted it back in service asap - I stripped out the reed from an old burglar alarm window contact switch - it still working about a year later!

Congratulations!  Thus far, my 8 year old station is working perfectly.  Of course the California weather conditions probably contribute to that.  We are also in a wind-sheltered location, so the anemometer doesn't get too much of a workout.

Cheers, Edouard
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